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The world of Social Media is constantly changing and updating along with how we interact with each other and our target audiences and it can be hard to find time to keep up with the latest trends as well as keeping all the other areas of your business going forward.

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Account Creation

We are happy to set up all of your social media platforms for you. But what does this mean? Well, we will create each page/profile up for you with a unique username as well as creating a profile photo and cover photo for you.

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Account Management

So, you’ve got your Social Media accounts all set up, perfect! Now it’s time to populate them! Here at Reeg Media, we will tailor posts that appeal to your target audience, create amazing artwork specific to your business and help maximise your reach and potential leads!

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Paid Advertising

As you are probably aware by now, Facebook, Instagram and Google offer paid advertising options. This is because the organic reach will be naturally lower do to the complex algorithms in place that favour those who are willing to pay for their advertising.


Working alongside the legendary Sam Davis of Branding boss, I have learned paid advertising from the very best in the game! I can help you set up and run your advertising to its full potential so that you can ensure the maximum reach available.


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