Website Building

So you need a website. Well, you’re in the right place! But what kind of website do you need? Do you need a 1 page portfolio style website? Or a regular small site with around 5 pages? A large site with a lot of pages or an E-commerce website? Luckily for you, we are able to offer all of the above!

Single Page Website

If you need a website to display your work in a portfolio manner or you just need a place for your customers to land when they use search engines, a one page website could be perfect for you. These sites work especially well when there isn’t too much information that needs to be displayed.

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A Regular Website

This is the most popular website style. Often between 3-8 pages, these websites are able to give your customers a chance to really take a good look around what you have to offer. Often consisting of ‘About Us’, ‘Contact Us and “Gallery” pages, these sites are very easy to navigate.

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Large & Ecommerce Websites


These are the giants of the internet world! If you need a website that contains a lot of pages or is to hold a store, then this is the option for you. I am more than happy to go through your requirements and specifications and build the site that your business needs.

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